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Member of the Year
Botna Valley Genealogical Society -- BVGS
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A special honor bestowed on a member of the Botna Valley Genealogical Society 2003 thru 2006.  At the Christmas party in December, the members voted on who they felt should receive the title of "Member of the Year." 

2006 Member of the Year
Marcella Caughell

Voted as our 2005 Member of the Year at our Christmas Dinner/Party on December 4th was Mrs. Orpha Hackett!!  Congratulations to a very deserving lady who has done so much through the years to keep our Society flourishing!!
     Pictured is Orpha trying out the automatized reader/printer which we were able to update through a matching grant from Iowa West Foundation.

2004 Member of the Year
Mary Sternberg

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Marcella Caughell is a charter member of BVGS and has devoted an enormous amount of her time and talent to the Society since its beginning twenty-five plus years ago.  The Floyd Caughell Genealogy Room at the Oakland Library was made possible through her generous donation in 1997.  What a wonderful tribute to the memory of her late husband!

2005 Member of the Year
Orpha Hackett

2003 Member of the Year
Barbara Butcher

"In the summer of 1998, Marcella Caughell invited me to be her guest at a Botna Valley Genealogical Society meeting.  After attending the meeting, I decided I wanted to be a part of this Society.  My interest in genealogy had been an ongoing interest since receiving a book of compiled information on my dad's side of the family some years before that.  It became more of a 'passion' as I started doing research and compiling books of my own on the other branches of my family and also my husband's family.
"I want to do whatever possible to foster interest and harmony in our Society.  2003 was my second year of a three-year term serving on the Board as one of the at-large members, and it was my fourth year serving as Editor of our Newsletter taking on that position in January of 2000.
"One of my goals for 2004 is to help with the communication aspect of our Society not only through the quarterly Newsletter but also by helping set up a website that our members can access to better know what is going on in our Society.  I am humbled, but truly honored to have been selected as the 2003 Member of the Year!"
--Barbara Butcher