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Reminisce with Photos
Botna Valley Genealogical Society -- BVGS
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Reminiscing About Things We Did . . .

2nd Anniversary Dinner Party - July 12, 2010
Sign at entrance to Wakonda Retreat Center near Griswold, IA

Bob & Victorine Jensen, Lotus Paulsen. Phyllis Brandes standing.

Barb Butcher shares wedding treasures from 1862
Tintype of her great grandmother's wedding photo & dangle from earring worn that day.

December 7, 2009 Christmas Party
Carolyn Hotze, Loree Hamilton, Helen Williams Playing Bingo

Sept. 14, 2009 - Avoca Courthouse
F: Claire Vance, Lotus Paulsen, Mary Sternberg. B: Helen Williams, Pam Paulson.

"Ties That Bind" Program March 2, 2009
Susan, Opal, Lotus, Mary, Pam. Back - Joan, Carolyn, Helen.

Celebrating Opal Palmer's 94th Birthday - 02/02/09
Pam Paulson presents Opal with her cake while Myrna Carley watches.

Opal, Gladys & Robert in the serving line

June 2, 2008 Outing at Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Darlene Ross, Mary Sternberg, Loree Hamilton, Helen Williams

Loree Hamilton Greets Members at Santa's Village
01/06/08 Lloyd Drawbond, Ernest & Myrna Carley, Randall Hotze, John Butcher, Loree, & Carolyn Hotze.

5 June 2006 at Centenniel No. 8 Country School
BVGS Members Go Back to School . . .

Helen Williams Becomes a Pupil Again . . .

Hats Program - April 3, 2006
Helen Williams wears a hat purchased in 1948 for $7.95 from Goldstein Chapman in Omaha, NE.

Christmas Dinner Party 2005
Nancy Strong shares her washing machine from years past as Lotus Paulsen looks on.

August 1st, 2005 BVGS Open House
Jennifer & Goldie Drawbond and Roma Smith participate in activities at the Open House.

Aug. 1, 2005 25th Anniversary Open House
Myrna Carley, Loree Hamilton, and Marcella Caughell show Jack Chaney our compiled Obit Indexes.

April 4th, 2005 Fashion Show
Opal Palmer gazes tenderly at one of the baby items she made for her sons in the 1930's.

Celebrating our 90s Ladies - February 7, 2005
Evelyn Hodges, Opal Palmer, & Orpha Hackett

2005 BVGS Officers ready for the January meeting.
Mary Sternberg, Barbara Butcher, Loree Hamilton, Marcella Caughell

Christmas Party at Jacs in Oakland - Dec. 5, 2004

Enjoying conversation at the Christmas party were (visible):  Gene & Loree Hamilton, Robert Hotze, Opal Palmer, Carolyn & Randall Hotze, Chris & Mary Sternberg, Marcella Caughell, Lotus Paulsen.

Newtown Country School - August 2, 2004

Desk Row One:  Jennifer Drawbond, Opal Palmer, Lotus Paulsen.  Row Two:  Goldie Drawbond, Loree Hamilton, Carolyn Hotze, Victorine Jensen, Thurleen Hotze.  Row Three:  Helen Hummel, Mary Sternberg, Sylvia Reddie, Josephine Leslie.  Standing:  Iva Marie Holtz.

Macedonia Cemetery, 7 June 2004

Victorine Jensen, Loree Hamilton, Mary Sternberg, Helen Williams, and Marcella Caughell get organized for the start of the Cemetery Walk.

Christmas Party, 7 December 2003

Front:  Garnett & Alex Petersen, Opal Palmer, Lotus Paulsen, Myrna Carley.  Back:  Ernest Carley, Dan Petersen, Helen Williams, Mary Sternberg, Randall Hotze, Loree Hamilton, Carolyn Hotze, Barbara & John Butcher at Grandma's Diner in Avoca.

Honored guests Myrna Carley and Opal Palmer . . .
Lula Frank, Ernest & Myrna Carley, Opal Palmer, Helen Williams, and Loree Hamilton.

Not shown: Susan Vance and Claire Vance.
Russ Brandes, Leo & Gayle Stuart. Standing: Mary Sternberg & daughter and Barb Butcher.

Helen Williams listens as Mary Sternberg tells about her treasures.

Sept. 14, 2009 - Sweet Vale of Avoca Museum
Lotus P, Pam P, Eleanor/Bob Greenwall, Barb B, Mary S, Helen W, Claire Vance

Sept. 14, 2009 - Avoca Farmall Land Tractor Museum
F: Audrey Carroll, Gayle/Leo Stuart. B: Helen W, Claire Vance, Barb B, Eleanor/Bob Greenwall.

Apron Program - March 2, 2009
Helen Williams shows one of her very own Child's Apron.

Christmas Dinner Party - January 4, 2009
Around table are Myrna, Ernest, Russ, Phyllis, Lula, and Nancy

Everyone enjoys our traditional Genealogy Bingo!
Goldie & Red with Helen calling the "Numbers"

Youngsters Join Us for June 2, 2008 Outing
Emily Roskens and Nora & Grace Paulson enjoy their picnic lunch at Wheeler Grove Cemetery.

Christmas Dinner catered by Shirley's of Emerson
Ernest & Myrna Carley, Mary Sternberg, Lotus Paulsen, Marcella Caughell, & Frances Rollins.

Orpha Hackett uses the updated reader/printer.

Barbara Butcher Becomes a Teacher Again . . .

Hats Program - April 3, 2006
Roma Smith wears her mother's hat purchased in 1943 for $7.65 at Joe Smith & Co. in Council Bluffs.

Members and Guests Enjoy Visiting Before the Meal.
From left: Loree Hamilton & Frances Rollins; Helen Williams & Phyllis Laber; Evelyn Hodges.

BVGS 25th Anniversary Open House
Gladys Hotze and Evelyn Hodges checking out some information at the Open House.

Glen Kelley & Dennis Sasse in Civil War attire.

April 4th, 2005 Fashion Show
Bring back the hats! Loree Hamilton shared some of her mother's hats from the 1940's!

Lunch ~ the first item on the agenda for the party
Loree Hamilton, Lotus Paulsen, Orin Hodges, & Nancy Strong behind Evelyn

Waiting for the January 10, 2005 Meeting to Begin
Lotus Paulsen, Myrna Carley, Helen Williams, & Mary Sternberg

Directions are given for voting . . .

Myrna Carley goes over the ballot for 2005 officers and 2004 Member of the Year.  Seated are Dan & Garnett Petersen and their granddaughter.

Newtown Country School - Avoca City Park

Those in attendance enjoyed visiting and a "sack lunch" at noon in the Avoca City Park!!

Macedonia Cemetery, 7 June 2004

Those helping with the walk included Jennifer & Goldie Drawbond, Marcella Caughell, Lotus Paulsen, Mary Sternberg, Loree Hamilton, Carolyn Hotze; seated Victorine Jensen, Helen Williams; and photographer Barb Butcher.

Christmas Party, 7 December 2003

Ruth Dawson, Helen Williams, Loree Hamilton, and Randall Hotze enjoying the festivities.

Wheeler Grove Cemetery, 10 June 2003

Jennifer Drawbond assisted by Marcella Caughell does a tombstone rubbing using crayolas and interfacing material when we walked Wheeler Grove Cemetery.

20th Anniversary Open House, 19 July 2000

BVGS members Evelyn Hodges, President Goldie Drawbond, Jennifer Drawbond.  Standing:  Helen Williams, Orpha Hackett, Roma Smith, Myrna Carley.  Other room:  Mildred Roy.

Wheeler Grove Cemetery, 10 June 2003

Jennifer Drawbond, Lotus Paulsen, and Mary Sternberg pose for a picture at Wheeler Grove Cemetery -- windblown, but who cares, as it was a really fun day!

20th Anniversary Open House, 9 July 2000

Our oldest member (at the time) Mildred Roy shows our youngest member Allen Walker how to run the microfilm reader.