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BVGS By-Laws
Botna Valley Genealogical Society -- BVGS
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(Last Change to By-Laws  ~  2 February 2009)


Section 1.1  ~  The name of the organization is Botna Valley Genealogical Society.
Section 1.2  ~  The meetings are to be held in Eckels Memorial Library Genealogy Room, Oakland, Iowa.
Section 2.1  ~  The purpose of this society shall be to aid individuals; to begin, develop, and improve the genealogical pursuits and endeavors and to prepare or write their genealogy or family history.  The objectives of the society shall be:
  1. To stimulate and further interest in genealogy.
  2. To aid individuals in their research and in compiling family histories.
  3. To provide and seek out methods to further research in genealogy.
  4. To gather, compile, and preserve genealogical and historical data.
  5. To exist as a non-profit organization.



Section 3.1  ~  Membership shall be open to all who are interested in genealogical, biographical, or historical research.



Section 4.1  ~   Elected:  The officers of the society shall be President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer.  A Corresponding Secretary may be appointed.  The above officers shall constitute the Executive Council.

Section 4.2  ~  The President shall be the principal executive officer, with the responsibility for the general supervision of the affairs of the society.  The President shall preside at all of the meetings of the society and the Executive Council.  The President shall be a member, ex-officio, of all committees except the Nominating Committee.

Section 4.3  ~  Vice President:  This officer will assist the president and shall assume the duties of the President in the absence of that officer and shall serve as the chairman of the Program Committee.

Section 4.4  ~  Recording Secretary:  This officer shall maintain a record of the proceedings of each meeting of the society and council.  May also assume other duties relative to the office as needed.  This will include putting news items in area newspapers.

Section 4.5  ~  Corresponding Secretary:  This officer may be appointed as necessary.  This officer shall attend to the publicity needs of the society.  This officer shall be responsible for correspondence as needed.

Section 4.6  ~  Treasurer:  This officer shall be responsible for the funds of the society and make such disbursements as approved by the society.  This officer shall give financial reports as directed to the members of the society.  This officer will be responsible for keeping an alphabetical list of the membership of the society as dues are paid.



Section 5.1  ~  There shall be a Board of Directors to make recommendations to the society body of members.  Then the Society votes on the Board's findings.  There shall be three appointed members appointed by the society at a regular meeting.  One is to serve for one year when another is appointed, one member shall serve for two years, and the third for three years.  One new board member is to be appointed each year as one goes off.  The other board members shall be the present officers -- President, Vice president, two Secretaries, Treasurer, and the current Registered Agent of the Corporation, thus making nine members to the board.  Meetings to be called as often as necessary to discuss and present their recommendations to the society members.



Section 6.1  ~  The nominating committee shall present a list of nominees for office at the November meeting.  Candidates must have agreed to serve.  Nominations may also be made from the floor.  A majority vote of those present shall elect.  Majority is half of members present plus one.

Section 6.2  ~  Those nominees elected will take office in January.

Section 6.3  ~  Those nominees elected will serve their office for a period of one year and not to exceed a period of two years in succession.



Section 7.1  ~  The meetings of this society will be held the first Monday of each month at a specified time.

Section 7.2  ~  Special meetings of the society may be called by the President with the approval of the Council.

Section 7.3  ~  The amount of the annual dues shall be set at any regular meeting with the amount recorded in the secretary's minutes.

Section 7.4  ~  The annual dues are payable in January and become delinquent by the April meeting.  Membership ceases if dues are delinquent following the April meeting.

Section 7.5 ~ There shall be a financial audit of the books of the treasurer each year prior to the treasurer's annual report.  An auditing committee of two active Society members will be selected from volunteers or be appointed by the president.  A notation with their signatures and date shall be made in the treasurer's book to show the books have been audited. 



Section 8.1  ~  The Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the President with the approval of the Executive Council.  The Committee shall consist of three members.

Section 8.2  ~  Special committees may be appointed by the President as needed during that term of office.



Section 9.1  ~  A safety deposit box shall be obtained at a local bank for the purpose of safe-keeping the following articles:

  1. Articles of Incorporation
  2. Copies of the Revenue Sharing Agreement with the Iowa Genealogical Society (IGS)
  3. Contract with the City of Oakland for the extension of the Eckels Memorial Library which is named the Floyd Caughell Room
  4. 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Certificate
  5. Any other important documents

Section 9.2  ~  One key to the safety deposit box will be in the possession of the Botna Valley Genealogical Society Treasurer and one key in the possession of the Botna Valley Genealogical Society President.

Section 9.3  ~  The use of the Floyd Caughell Room by the Botna Valley Genealogical Society is for no less than fifty (50) years (2047) and may be renewed at that time for another fifty (50) years.



Section 10.1 ~ Proposed amendments to these By-laws must be presented in writing to the Executive Council at least two weeks prior to the regular meeting, to be read by the secretary at that meeting.  No voting takes place.  All local active members are to be notified of the proposed changes.  The proposed amendment will be read again at the next regular meeting at which time voting will take place.  If there is a two-thirds vote in favor of the amendment, these By-laws shall be amended.